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Taking clean label
to the next level


Taking clean label to the next level


How consumers perceive what is “clean” is evolving and complicated, especially since different demographic groups have different definitions of what they think of as clean. Concerns about ingredients and production practices are prompting product developers to update formulations to reflect the latest iteration of the clean label trend.

In the latest Trends & Innovations webinar from Food Business News, we address how clean label is evolving and how younger consumers perceive the trend. Recorded on Aug. 23, 2023, this webinar provides a roadmap to understanding what is clean and where the trend is headed in the next five to 10 years.

Sophie Côté

Client Success Manager
Innova Market Insights

Sophie Côté, Client Success Manager at Innova, has a bachelor's degree in food science and agricultural chemistry. Having previously served as an account manager at renowned ingredient distributors such as IMCD Group and Caldic Canada, Sophie has a proven track record in helping companies innovate in the food and beverage space, managing client accounts and fostering strategic partnerships. Leveraging her industry experience, Sophie is committed to offering Innova’s customers a holistic perspective of their market and empowering them to make business decisions with confidence.

Julie Johnson

HealthFocus International

As President of HealthFocus International, Julie works with top-tier food, beverage, supplement, and ingredient companies, and is an authoritative resource in uncovering the beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors of their consumers on 6 continents. She offers these brands a deeper understanding of their global user base and helps them formulate actionable human-relationship strategies. An informative speaker with in-depth knowledge of the global consumer, Julie has been invited to present around the world, offering insightful views on consumer interactions with a variety of industry trends, including plant-based eating, sustainability, healthy aging, clean labeling, shifts in the protein market, sweetener preferences, ingredient trends, and many more.

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